Data from 2022 Sheds Light on Popular US Relocation Hotspots: TX, FL, and the Carolinas Lead the Way - Golden Gate Relocation

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Data from 2022 Sheds Light on Popular US Relocation Hotspots: TX, FL, and the Carolinas Lead the Way - Golden Gate Relocation

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The Data

The trend of Americans relocating to different states has persisted since the onset of the pandemic, with many individuals and families opting to move to popular destinations such as TX, FL, and the Carolinas.

Moving companies report that the growth of people relocating is mainly attributed to baby boomers who are retiring and looking for a new place they can call home. Real estate agents have observed a trend of people trading in their city life for the charm and lower expenses associated with smaller towns like Wilmington, NC. People are increasingly ditching the hustle and bustle of major cities to embrace more intimate communities instead.

The beach town of Wilmington won Leon Levitt’s heart and his family over, with its small-town charm being a key reason for him and his wife Libby relocating from Atlanta. According to the recent newcomer himself, this “small-town feel” was central in convincing them to move here.

Realtors have observed that many people are moving from California and other western states, as well as from the north, to take advantage of lower taxes and a more favorable climate. This trend is driven by the high cost of living and high taxes in many of the popular coastal cities in the western states and the north. Many people are choosing to relocate to cities in the south and midwest, which offer a more affordable cost of living and lower taxes.

Cities like Waco, Biloxi, MS, TX, and Huntsville have become particularly popular relocation destinations for many Americans. These cities offer a high quality of life, with plenty of outdoor activities, friendly communities, and a low cost of living. Additionally, many of these cities have a growing job market, which is attractive to those looking for new employment opportunities.

The influx of new residents to these cities is having a positive impact on the local economy, as it is driving growth and development. Many businesses are expanding or relocating to these cities to take advantage of the growing population and increased demand for goods and services.

United Van Lines recently uncovered data that points to a noteworthy migratory trend: a large amount of Americans are moving toward coastal cities. Out of the top ten locations with incoming movement in 2022, six were seaside settlements like Myrtle Beach, Fort Myers, Bellingham, and Wilmington – evidence supporting this reoccurring pattern.

The primary drivers behind these relocations are retirement and proximity to loved ones. However, with the uncertainty surrounding the potential economic recession, it is uncertain how migration patterns will evolve in 2023. As noted by Brian Carberry, Senior Managing Editor of, many individuals are likely to adopt a wait-and-see approach, opting to remain in their current locations if they are content. This may be due to the uncertainty and potential financial instability that comes with moving during an economic recession, as well as the potential difficulty in finding employment in a new location.

The research by United Van Lines also revealed that some of the top states from which people moved away in 2022 were New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. This may be due to the high cost of living and taxes in these states, as well as the potential for economic instability in these areas. Additionally, these states have seen a rise in crime, which may be a concern for some residents.

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