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Renting a PODS Moving Container: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering renting a moving container from PODS (Portable On Demand Storage), you’re in for significant cost savings compared to hiring a full-service moving company. With a PODS container, you not only get an affordable solution but also a secure storage option for your belongings during the transition. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential information you need to know before renting a PODS container, including how it works, the available container sizes, and the associated costs. Let’s dive in!

Understanding PODS: Portable On Demand Storage

PODS has been a reputable brand in the U.S. since the 1990s, providing moving and storage containers. These containers are made of durable steel and come in three sizes: 7, 12, and 16 feet. They feature convenient roll-up doors, key access, and weather-resistant and impact-resistant siding. Whether you’re an individual or a business, PODS offers both local and long-distance moving services, taking care of the transportation once you’ve packed the container.

The Process: Pack, Move, and Store

When you rent a PODS container, you have the flexibility to pack your belongings at your own pace. Once you’re ready, PODS will arrange for the container to be picked up and transported to your desired location. The ground-level access of the containers makes loading and unloading a breeze, eliminating the need for ramps or stairs. This user-friendly process allows you to streamline your moving experience.

Container Sizes and Options

PODS offers three container sizes to accommodate different needs: 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. The choice of container size depends on the volume of your belongings and the size of your move. It’s recommended to declutter and estimate the space you’ll need before selecting the appropriate size. If you’re unsure, PODS customer service can assist you in determining the best option based on your requirements.

Renting a PODS container for moving or storage offers several advantages. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Cost-effective: Renting a PODS container is a budget-friendly option compared to hiring a full-service moving company.
  2. Secure: PODS containers are designed with steel frames, weather-resistant paneling, tie-downs, and steel locking latches, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.
  3. Adheres to your timetable/schedule without overage fees: With a PODS container, you have the flexibility to load and unload at your own pace, without worrying about exceeding time limits or incurring additional fees.
  4. Easy loading/unloading: PODS containers feature ground-level access, eliminating the need for ramps or stairs. This makes loading and unloading your belongings much more convenient.
  5. No need to rent, drive, or load a large truck: With a PODS container, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of renting and driving a large truck. The container will be delivered to your location, and once packed, it will be transported to your desired destination.

These advantages, combined with the durability and weather-resistant features of PODS containers, make them a popular choice for moving and storage needs. PODS containers come equipped with tie-downs, steel locking latches, and a lock and key to ensure maximum security for your belongings. Additionally, according to PODS, their containers are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 mph, providing added protection during transportation and storage.

Renting a PODS moving container is a straightforward process. Here are the key steps:

  1. Determine your needs and duration: Decide whether you want to store, move, or do both with your belongings. Choose between on-site storage or a PODS Storage Center. Determine the duration for which you require PODS storage.
  2. Select delivery details: Choose the delivery location, date, and the appropriate container size for your needs, considering both moving and storage requirements.
  3. Load the PODS container: Once you have reserved your PODS container, it will be delivered to your designated location. Take your time to load your belongings into the container, either with the help of friends and family or by hiring moving labor.
  4. Pickup and delivery: When you are ready, PODS will pick up the container and transport it to the storage unit or your desired moving destination.

Renting a PODS Container: Understanding the Costs

When it comes to renting a PODS moving container, the cost depends on several factors. These include the container size, rental duration, and the distance of your move. PODS states that the exact costs may vary depending on the specific origin and destination of your move. For long-distance moves, prices can start as low as $800, but they will be influenced by the distance traveled and the duration of storage required. Local moves generally have lower costs. In any case, renting a PODS container tends to be more affordable compared to traditional full-service moving companies.

For those seeking storage solutions, PODS offers the option to store the container either on your own property or at a PODS storage facility. The rates for storing a PODS container on your personal property typically begin at $110 per month for a 12-foot container and $120 for a 16-foot container. However, these monthly rental rates may vary based on factors such as storage duration, availability of containers, and location.

PODS Container Sizes: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

7-foot container: Compact and Versatile

The 7-foot container from PODS is a compact option, measuring approximately 7’x7’x8’. With 385 cubic feet of packing space, it’s ideal for small-volume moving and storage needs. Comparable to a 10-ft rental truck, this container is commonly used for studio apartment moves, college student moving, and temporary storage during remodeling projects.

12-foot container: Efficient and Spacious

Measuring around 12’x8’x8′, the 12-foot container is a versatile choice for moving an apartment or a house with two to three rooms. With 689 cubic feet of packing space, it can accommodate larger apartment moves, office relocations, and home remodeling projects. Please note that this container is only available for in-town moving and storage.

16-foot container: Roomy and Convenient

The largest option offered by PODS, the 16-foot container measures approximately 16’x8’x8’ and provides 857 cubic feet of packing space. Comparable to a 20-ft rental truck, it is perfect for moving homes with three to four bedrooms, office relocations, and large-scale home remodeling projects. This container is available for both local and long-distance moves in the U.S. and Canada.

Choose the container size that suits your specific requirements and make your moving or storage experience with PODS a seamless one.

Preparing for Your PODS Container: Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience

Before placing your order for a PODS container, taking a few preliminary steps can go a long way in ensuring a hassle-free moving or storage process. Consider the following tips to make the most out of your PODS experience:

  1. Plan Ahead and Schedule in Advance: To secure your preferred dropoff and pickup dates, it’s advisable to schedule your PODS container at least one week in advance, especially during peak moving months when availability may be limited.
  2. Estimate Your Space Needs: It’s better to overestimate the space you require rather than underestimating. If you’re unsure about the size, it’s recommended to opt for a larger container or consider getting a second one to accommodate all your belongings comfortably.
  3. Opt for Sturdy Packing: Instead of using cardboard boxes, which can get crushed or damaged, utilize plastic bins for packing and stacking your items within the PODS container. This will provide added protection and prevent any potential mishaps during transit.
  4. Gather Necessary Supplies: Before the arrival of your PODS container, gather all the essential moving and packing supplies you’ll need. This includes boxes, moving blankets, tape, scissors, markers, a dolly, packing paper, bungee cords or ropes, and any other supplies that will facilitate the packing process.
  5. Look for Online Discounts: Check the PODS website for any available online coupon codes. You might discover unexpected savings that can help reduce your overall PODS storage costs.
  6. Be Present During Dropoff and Pickup: It’s important to be present when the driver arrives for both the dropoff and pickup of your PODS container. This allows you to ensure that the container is placed exactly where you want it, verify the functionality of the lock, and address any questions or concerns you may have directly with the driver.

By following these guidelines and adequately preparing before ordering your PODS container, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy a seamless and efficient moving or storage experience.

Efficient Packing Tips for Your PODS Container

When it comes to packing a PODS container, following these tips will help you optimize space utilization and ensure a smooth unpacking process at your destination:

  1. Utilize Ground Level Convenience: Take advantage of the ground-level access provided by the PODS container. This makes loading and unloading easier compared to traditional moving trucks. Remember to use ramps or dollies if needed to facilitate the process.
  2. Evenly Distribute Weight: Maintain balance and stability by spreading out heavy items and large furniture throughout the container, rather than clustering them together. This helps prevent shifting during transportation and ensures safer handling.
  3. Prioritize Essential Items: Pack important items and belongings you’ll need immediately upon arrival toward the front of the container. This way, they will be easily accessible when you reach your new location. Consider items like mattresses, pillows, blankets, bathroom essentials, clothing, and essential work or study supplies.
  4. Use Efficient Packing Techniques: Maximize space utilization by employing effective packing techniques. Stack boxes and containers vertically, utilizing the full height of the container. Fill gaps with smaller items or soft materials like pillows and blankets to prevent shifting during transit.
  5. Label and Organize: Clearly label boxes and containers to identify their contents and corresponding rooms. This will simplify the unpacking process and help you locate specific items quickly.
  6. Keep Valuables and Important Documents with You: To safeguard valuable and irreplaceable items, such as birth certificates, passports, vehicle titles, and medical records, it is recommended to keep them with you during the move instead of packing them in the PODS container. This ensures their safety and accessibility in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Alternative Portable Moving Container and Storage Options

If you’re considering portable moving containers and storage options, besides PODS, there are several other reputable companies worth exploring. Here are a few popular alternatives:

  1. U-Haul’s U-Box Containers: U-Haul offers U-Box containers, providing customers with flexibility for their moving and storage needs. U-Boxes come in a single size measuring 96″ x 60″ x 90″ (257 cubic feet) and can hold up to 2,000 pounds. U-Haul provides different options to suit customers’ preferences and budget, including superior convenience, low-cost DIY, and the most cost-effective options. Their storage facilities offer secure, climate-controlled units with 24-hour access on a month-to-month basis.
  2. 1-800-PACK-RAT: Known for durability and security, 1-800-PACK-RAT offers weatherproof containers with steel frames, walls, and barn-style doors. Their containers are climate-controlled and equipped with video surveillance. 1-800-PACK-RAT provides three container sizes: 16-ft., 12-ft., and 8-ft., catering to various moving and storage needs.
  3. ABF U-Pack ReloCubes: U-Pack offers ReloCube moving containers that are metal and weatherproof. What sets them apart is the flexibility to reserve as many ReloCubes as needed, with payment only for the containers utilized. Customers can use their own padlocks for added security, and no down payment or deposit is required. Payment can be conveniently made by credit card once loading is complete.
  4. United Mayflower’s Containers: United Mayflower containers prioritize protection with smooth interior walls, galvanized steel framing, and waterproof materials. These containers also feature flush-mounted tie-down rings to prevent shifting during transportation and a translucent roof for improved visibility inside. The containers are 16′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ high, offering ample space for the contents of a 1,500 square-foot home.

Consider exploring these reputable alternative options when selecting a portable moving container or storage solution that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Ready to Explore Portable Moving Containers?

If you’re ready to find the perfect portable moving container for your needs, Moving.com can help. Visit our moving containers center to access more information and make an informed decision. Simply provide details such as your current location, the destination of your new home, the size of your current home in terms of bedrooms, and the desired completion date of your move. We’ll present you with options from various portable moving container companies, allowing you to compare and choose the best quote available.

Considering Professional Movers?

If you feel that your upcoming move requires the assistance of professional movers, Moving.com has you covered as well. Our extensive network consists of reputable and reliable moving companies. You can trust that all movers in our network are licensed and insured, ensuring a safe and smooth relocation experience. Explore our network to find the best moving companies for your specific needs.

Whether you choose a portable moving container or professional movers, we wish you the best of luck with your move. Happy moving!

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